'Questionable' design detail on Virgin cruise ship savagely mocked: 'Explain'

If you're wanting to do your business with uninterrupted ocean views, then the Virgin Voyager cruise ship might be the trip for you.

Passengers on board the popular ship, owned by Richard Branson, can use the toilet in peace, with see-through windows looking right out into sea.

But while it might sound great in theory, particularly while sailing the ocean, there's one major problem. As revealed on social media, it's not as private as they think.

Bathroom windows on Virgin Voyages cruise ship.
Passengers on board were using the bathroom in full view of others, thanks to see through glass windows. Source: Instagram/mycruiseblog

A video shared online by Cruise Blog shows the giant Virgin cruise ship pulled up alongside another cruise liner at the docks at an unknown location. A person on the neighbouring ship begins filming, looking into the windows of the Virgin Voyager. But it wasn't palm trees or luxury pools they spotted, but people using the loo – and the blameless victims appear blissfully unaware of what was unfolding.

The video showed the first victim walking into the bathroom before closing the door behind them. But thankfully, the video cuts before they strip off. Unaware of what she's walking into, another swimsuit-clad woman follows shortly after, but again, the video cuts before too much was exposed. Another man was shown standing at the sink washing his hands.

Bathroom windows mocked on social media

"Virgin Voyager explain yourselves," the onscreen caption read on TikTok. The video was also shared on Instagram where the poster said the "design choice is questionable" and thousands of others agreed.

"Who’s bright idea was this?" one questioned. "What the..?" said another.

"When you go in it SEEMS like it's one-way glass. I tested the theory by going in and waving at people on the other ship. They waved back... So I went to another bathroom," a third revealed.

Unable to believe the design choice, some asked if the windows "blacked out" when the door was locked, or if there was a button to press to help create some privacy. But the poster said there wasn't.

See-through bathroom windows explained

Thankfully, there appears to be a reasonable explanation as highlighted by some, however, this can't be confirmed.

The bathroom shown in the video is supposedly a public one available for all passengers to use. But because of the see-through glass and sweeping seascape in full view, it's only to be used while sailing, and not when docked.

Virgin Voyages is a popular cruise ship owned by Richard Branson.
Virgin Voyages is a popular cruise ship owned by Richard Branson. Source: Virgin Voyages

Those using the toilet while being filmed may have missed a sign warning them against using it while docked, some say. "100% there is a sign on the door saying 'only use on open sea'," one explained.

"Great for when you’re at sea… not so much when you’re in port," another added.

Some loved the idea and said they've even used them. "I’ve been on that toilet out in the middle of the ocean, it’s incredible. Plenty of others to use when docked," one said.

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