Bride trapped in plane toilet during turbulent landing: 'Unacceptable'

Flying can be a scary experience at the best of times, but one woman has suffered a particularly disturbing episode — locked inside a plane's bathroom during a bumpy landing.

Harris Googe was travelling with Southwest Airlines to her bachelorette weekend in Utah, USA, when the unfortunate incident occurred.

As the flight was preparing to descend she went to use the plane's lavatory, only to find the door was stuck and she couldn't get out.

Harris Googe taking a selfie in the mirror in the plane's toilet after getting stuck.
Harris Googe was mid-flight when she realised she couldn't open the plane's bathroom door. Source: TikTok/ hgooge

"The pilot asked the flight attendants to be seated for landing and I just heard a soft 'I'm sorry," Ms Googe recalled in a TikTok.

"And then I knew I'd be landing in a toilet."

"Did I mention there was turbulence?" she added, showing the camera shaking as she filmed herself in the bathroom.

Stuck for 45 minutes before the door was unlocked

Ms Googe was trapped in the toilet for 45 minutes before maintenance managed to open the door with a crowbar.

She said she hasn't received compensation for the ordeal, despite being stuck in the toilet, but said she's contacted customer service.

TikTok users were horrified by the idea of being locked in the bathroom during turbulence and when the plane was landing.

Ms Googe was locked in the bathroom on the Southwest Airlines flight. Source: TikTok/ hgooge
Ms Googe was locked in the bathroom on the Southwest Airlines flight. Source: TikTok/ hgooge

"Oh wow, new fear unlocked," one TikTok user wrote.

"What if it was an emergency landing because there was a fire or something?" another questioned. "This seems completely unacceptable."

Luckily for the bride-to-be, the bathroom mishap didn't hinder her weekend plans with Ms Googe saying in a comment she had a great celebration with her friends, enjoying "a super cool house with my girls and some snow and good food."

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