Queenslanders warned off air con in summer power crackdown

Queenslanders could be forced to keep their air conditioning no lower than 26 degrees in a bid to prevent blackouts across the state.

With a long, hot summer predicted, there is set to be a major crackdown on power use with homes and businesses targeted.

And high on the list of priorities is limiting air con usage during heatwaves, with residential and commercial buildings to be told to refrain from lowering the temperature to prevent a power shortage.

Queenslanders could be forced to limit their air con usage. Source: Getty
Queenslanders could be forced to limit their air con usage. Source: Getty

Lighting is also seen as an area for improvement, with the nighttime glow of Brisbane's CBD to be toned down.

Office buildings lit up through the night as well as neon lighting across the skyline could be turned off to maintain energy reserves.

So far the plan is part of a blueprint, but as experts predict, limiting power supplies is likely to become a reality as excessive power usage continues.

The potential restrictions come as the weather bureau reveals Queensland is set to face higher than average temperatures as well as heatwaves, bushfires and severe thunderstorms with potential for flooding.

They also warned the summer could bring up to four cyclones to Queensland which could prove to be an unprecedented year for the state.

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