Can you spot the snake on this garden rock wall?

A photo of a well-hidden snake left people scratching their heads, unable to locate where the reptile was hidden.

Plenty of people took part in the challenge posted by The Snake Catcher on Facebook to "spot this fella" but few were able to actually find him.

Many Queenslanders were quick to give up labelling it "too hard".

"Make it fun, not impossible," one person said, fed up with the test.

The carpet python had made himself a home inside a rock wall on the Sunshine Coast, curling up and barely in sight.

Many struggled to find where the reptile was hiding. Source: Facebook

"Not easy to tell thats for sure!! I'm usually really good at spotting things like this but it took me a good 5mins to find him," one person wrote.

It seems of the 77 people that ventured a guess, just two people got it right.

"See how you go spotting this fella. Bonus points for naming the species," Stu from The Snake Catcher wrote.

After much debate about how difficult the task was, Stu was quick to defend the post, adding "it's not meant to be an easy game".

Stu posted this photo as the answer, zooming in on the area where the snake is hiding. Source: Facebook

"I cant make it too easy or there is no point doing it," he wrote in a comment.

"I realise i cant make it impossible as well. As the above photo shows you can faintly see the patterns on the snake."