Queensland MP Bob Katter 'shoots dead' two major party men in 'wicked' campaign ad

There's a reason they call him the "Mad Katter".

Far North Queensland independent MP Bob Katter has released a new campaign ad in which he seems to shoot two men representing Australia's two major parties.

The 58-second ad shows the two "faceless" operatives of the Liberal and Labor parties hammering an "Australia for sale" sign in to the red dirt of rural Queensland.

Australia is for sale. Source: Katter Australia Party

With stockings pulled over their heads like criminals, the major party men shake hands and walk away while a country music one Twitter described as having a "dueling banjos" tone colour plays away in the background.

The Akubra-wearing Katter then comes in and rips the sign from the ground.

When the major party men replace the sign, Katter comes back to deface the sign with a black marker so it reads, "Australia Not for sale."

In the next scene, Katter blows the smoke from the barrel of a revolver, as the two party operatives appear to lie dead on the red dirt in the background.

Bob Katter blows smoke from the barrel. Source: Katter Australia Party
The most 'wicked' campaign ad ever. Source: Katter Australia Party

Katter looks down the camera, a wicked smile across his face.

The two major party men appear to be dead in the desert. Source: Katter Australia Party

When Katter's office shared the video online they asked, "Perhaps the most wicked campaign ad for 2016?"

The ad has copped some criticism for its poor timing following Sunday's mass shooting in the Orlando that left 49 dead and 53 injured.

Others criticised the ad for its improper used of inverted commas in the tag line.