Drivers face large fines from unpaid tolls

Mylee Hogan

FIRST ON 7: Queensland motorists are gathering support to form a class action to fight back against expensive and unjustified fines from unpaid road tolls.

Motorists are currently being hit with thousands of dollars worth of fines because of what they say is a flawed Go Via system.

Among them in Alyson Smith, who started receiving fines on her Go Via account because of a typo on her car registration number.

Alyson Smith has nearly $2,000 worth of fines to her name because of a simple error she has tried to correct. Source: 7 News.

When she rang Go Via to correct the error she was informed that they would waive the fees.

However the fines increased and the tolls kept coming.

Her 12 unpaid tolls of around $4 each are now almost $2,000 in fines and she's been told the matter will go to court.

“How have I evaded a toll I have an account, I have my account in credit, I've phoned them I've offered to pay the tolls, yet they continue to issue me with these fines.”

Queensland motorists are facing thousands of dollars in fines because of unpaid tolls. Source: 7 News.

More than 30,000 people have also signed an online petition to stop the 'unexplainable fees and charges'.

Consumer advocate Michael Fraser is forming a class action against Transurban the company in charge of Go Via .

“I get approached by at least three people a day, I've had hundreds of people that have been charged exorbitant fees. Some people have up to $10,000 in penalty fees over a $4 toll,” he told 7 News.

“The law in place says if you don't pay we're going to hand it to the government and you know what if you don't pay them they'll take your licence away.”

Some motorists have been charged up to $10,000 in penalty fees over a $4 toll. Source: 7 News.

While Transurban wouldn’t speak to 7 News on camera, they released a statement saying they are confident the tolling systems are performing in line with industry standards.

The minister for main Roads Mark Bailey also released a statement saying customer experiencing problems should contact the operator.