'Drugged' man strips down, flees into the sea in bizarre standoff with Queensland police

A man has been taken into custody after a bizarre two hour stand off with police in Queensland.

A 26 year old stripped down and fled into the bay at Sandgate after a bizarre two hour stand off with Queensland police.

Residents called for help after they saw the man driving erratically along Flinders Parade, swerving towards cyclists and other cars.

“There was two cops and they guy was driving with his door open like the whole time, and he was almost teasing them, that’s what we though,” a witness said.

The man side swiped a police car before jumping from his own moving car, that continued to roll and hit a van.

It is believed the driver was on drugs.

After he fled into the water, police tried to coax the man to shore.

When he didn’t cooperate, the water police and trained negotiators were called in.

Senior Sergeant Tony O’Neil said the man was ‘quite all over the place’.

“[He] didn’t seem to know where he was and kept asking what suburb he was in,” he said.

The strip is usually packed with families enjoying their Sunday morning and police say they are grateful weather kept the crowds away.

Eventually the 26 year old surrendered and walked from the water straight into the hands of police.

But they were not taking any chances

Flanked by more than a dozen officers the man was walked to the road where he was handcuffed.

He was taken the Redcliffe Hospital and was later charged with a number of offences.

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