'What is wrong with people?': Snake catcher's anger after cruel act kills python eating possum

A Queensland snake catcher has expressed his disgust on social media after finding a python had been bashed by rocks while eating its prey.

“Enough is enough! What is wrong with some people?” Stuart McKenzie, from Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers, wrote on Facebook, with images of the snake that was barely alive after the incident, on Friday.

“A gorgeous coastal carpet python got himself a meal of possum and was halfway through swallowing it when someone decided to drop a few large rocks on top of the snake.”

Mr McKenzie said wildlife eating other animals was just “part of nature and happens quite regularly”.

The snake was found by a member of the public at Kings Beach who called the snake catcher service to help rescue the injured reptile.

“A massive thanks to the lovely lady who found the snake like this and waited with it till we arrived,” Mr McKenzie wrote.

After rescuing the python, the snake catcher said the animal was in such a bad condition he had to be put down.

“The snake’s spine was snapped in three or four places and he had to be euthanised,” he wrote.

Mr McKenzie said there was no excuse for the act, cautioning that trying to kill a snake can be dangerous and if you do kill a snake you’re breaking the law.

“It is illegal to kill any snakes and large fines may be incurred,” he wrote.

A carpet python found on the Sunshine Coast was barely alive after it was bashed by a rock while eating its prey. Source: Facebook

Followers were quick to respond to the post, sharing it more than 1000 times and expressing their disgust over the cruel act.

“This is so upsetting, I’m so sick and tired of all these people thinking it’s ok to kill wildlife because they feel like it and us humans are the only ones allowed to roam this earth,” one person responded.

“Poor animal, it must have been in so much pain. Absolutely disgraceful behaviour,” another wrote.

“Please give snakes the respect they deserve,” the snake catcher wrote.

“It’s up to everyone to stand up to the people who kill snakes and tell them what they are doing is wrong.”

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