Is that a foot in my meal? Qantas passenger disgusted by fellow traveller's lack of etiquette

Airplane food can be hard to swallow at the best of times, so a random passenger’s bandaged foot touching your meal probably isn’t going to help your appetite.

Nothing says economy travel quite like invasion of personal space but one Qantas passenger has taken things to the next level, poking her foot through the back of the seat, seemingly unaware she was cenimetres from a disgusted passenger’s meal.

“She nearly stuck her toe in my meal,” the passenger wrote alongside a photo of the offender in a viral Reddit post.

“At one point this ignorant beast had her legs across half the narrow walkway causing stewardesses to navigate around her.”

The disgusted passenger said he didn't know how to deal with the invasive foot. Source: Reddit

Unsure how to tackle the situation, the grossed out passenger considered a rather extreme measure but was set straight by his wife.

“I motioned to my wife that I should stab her foot with my onboard plastic knife,” he wrote.

“She slapped my shoulder, I took that as a ‘NO’.”

The bandaged foot was mere centimetres away from the man's meal. Source: Reddit

Highly amused Reddit users didn't disappoint when explaining how they would have handled the situation.

"Just accidentally dribble some sauce on her foot. Repeat as necessary until she moves it," one person wrote.

"You should’ve chomped on her toe. I guarantee she wouldn’t have done that again," another added.