Qantas passenger grossed out by 'revolting' experience on two flights

The Qantas customer said they were served a 'soggy mess' and left sitting near a leaking air conditioning vent.

A Qantas customer’s complaint about the quality of service they received on two different flights last week has grossed out Aussies.

The passenger said they were served an “inedible” breakfast and left sitting near a leaking air conditioning vent while travelling from Sydney to Brisbane and Darwin to Adelaide for work.

Stunned, the customer snapped images of the A/C vent stuffed with paper napkins, grime on a closed window and the “soggy mess” they were given to eat.

Left is the napkins in the leaking A/C vent on the Qantas plane. Right is the 'inedible' breakfast.
The Qantas passenger said their breakfast was 'inedible'. Source: Reddit

“All I can say with my recent experience is EW,” they posted on a Reddit page dedicated to the airline. “If you look at the breakfast closely, hash brown is a very soggy mess and it’s my first time to eat egg that doesn’t resemble any food I’ve ever ingested. Trust me it is bad.”

Another photo shows what appears to be a curry with potatoes in a box on the passenger’s tray table.

“The breakfast was inedible and I’m not usually fussy with food,” they added. “The potatoes were ok.”

Aussies react to Qantas customer's gripe

While some said they would “smash that feed”, the large majority of other social media users agreed the passenger’s experience looked “revolting”.

“This is nightmare fuel! And you pay for it!” one person commented. “That’s uniquely bad for Qantas,” another said.

Left is grime on a closed window on a Qantas plane. Right is the curry meal in a box.
Some Aussies said they would happily eat the food, but many were horrified by the 'revolting' images. Source: Reddit

“I've had better looking meals at Taco Bell for $10, and they have refillable drinks!” a third person wrote.

“I was sitting in my dirty seat that I paid an arm and a leg for just a few nights ago. Eating my ‘dinner’ in a box,” another customer recalled. “Then I opened the Qantas in flight magazine to see $1,980 shoes and $45,000 watches.”

Yahoo News Australia has contacted Qantas for comment.

Qantas refunds passengers 'sitting in urine'

Last month the airline told Yahoo it was offering a $3,827 refund to a couple who claimed they sat in urine during a nine-hour Qantas fight from Bangkok to Sydney.

“All our international aircraft are cleaned between each flight, including vacuuming seats and disinfecting surfaces. We are looking into what has occurred and have raised the issue with our cleaning supplier in Bangkok, which cleaned the aircraft prior to departure,” a spokesperson said at the time.

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