Qantas baggage handler will 'never work again' for airline after crude note to passenger

One clear offensive word was scribbled on the passenger's Qantas luggage tag.

A baggage handler has been told they will never work on Qantas aircraft again after leaving an "unacceptable" note for a customer on their bag on Friday.

After collecting his 31-kilogram Kathmandu bag at Karratha Airport in Western Australia, a Qantas passenger found the word "c**t" shockingly scribbled in green marker onto the "heavy" tag wrapped around the bag's handle — accentuated with an exclamation mark.

"Clearly the Qantas baggage handler at Perth Airport wasn’t happy lifting my bag," the man shared. "He left me a nice note to read on arrival."

Image of the Kathmandu bag with the Qantas 'heavy tag' wrapped around the handle stating it is 31-kilograms. The orange tag has 'c**t' written on it in green marker.
The man found the offensive word scribbled on his Qantas bag tag. Source: Facebook

Qantas apologises for 'unacceptable' act

After being alerted to the incident Qantas condemned the act and took drastic measures to ensure it never happens again.

"This is clearly unacceptable behaviour," a Qantas spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia. "Menzies, our ground handling provider at Perth Airport, has assured us that the baggage handler involved will never work on Qantas Group aircraft again."

The airline has since "sincerely apologised" to the customer for what happened.

The passenger shared a photo online after finding the note, and people quickly began responding, with some urging him to "report" it to Qantas. "What a disrespectful so and so... not cool at all..." one person said.

Others said he was lucky for even getting his luggage at all. "At least you got your bag. Just flew Perth to Broome and they left everyone’s bags in Perth…" a person revealed.

Image of Qantas planes lined up on a tarmac with a baggage handler and their truck in the foreground.
Qantas were alerted to the incident and has taken drastic action. Source: Getty

Qantas under the microscope over the last year

Qantas has been slammed in the past year by allegations of "poor service" and forced "downgrades" and was even accused of selling "ghost flights" by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) which launched legal action against them in August, 2023.

On top of this, on Thursday Western Australia-based Qantas pilots are set to strike for 24 hours amid their long-running pay dispute with the airline which could see mines with FIFO workers and regional flights disrupted.

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