Qantas bag with passenger's dead mum inside goes missing: 'Horror show'

An Australian woman says her partner is “beside herself” after her luggage failed to show up on a Qantas flight with precious cargo inside.

“My partner’s bag is four days’ late from QF2 on Saturday morning,” Annabelle Daniel wrote on Twitter on Wednesday.

“It has her mother’s ashes in it.”

“She wasn’t able to see her mum before she died, or attend the funeral in 2020 due to the pandemic.”

After the bag went missing off the flight from London to Sydney via Singapore Ms Daniel said she tried to contact Qantas.

“No responses from your website,” she explained in her tweet. “Could you help more please?”

Annabelle Daniel (left) and empty airport conveyor belt (right)
Annabelle Daniel said her partner is devastated after her luggage with her mother's ashes inside failed to arrive on a Qantas flight into Sydney. Twitter/Facebook

The post has since gone viral, receiving almost 3,000 reactions and 640 retweets.

“This is horrific,” one person wrote. “What a disgrace from Qantas.”

“I can’t imagine how she must be feeling,” another said.

“This is unacceptable,” a further user added. “You can replace clothing but not your loved one.”

Thanking followers for their support, Ms Daniel revealed that her partner was “so close to her mum” and “just devastated [that] she couldn’t travel to be with her when she died".

“She’s not the kind of person to make a fuss, but this just compounds the grief all over again,” she wrote.

“Watching your Mum’s funeral on Zoom is gut wrenching enough, let alone this.

“She is so distressed. She’s so anxious, and this has just been a horror show.”

Technical glitch at Heathrow blamed for missing ashes

In a Tweet from Qantas, the airline said it was “sorry to hear about what happened,” and asked Ms Daniel to message them with her partner’s name and baggage file reference so they could look into it further

In a statement to Yahoo News Australia, Qantas said Ms Daniel's partner's bag was located at Heathrow airport and put on a flight to Australia on Monday.

It arrived in Sydney this morning, and is now being couriered to the customer.

Luggage piled up at Heathrow Airport
Qantas says baggage issues at Heathrow airport in London led to thousands of misplaced bags. Source: Twitter

“We understand that this is an extremely distressing situation for this customer and have apologised for the delay in getting their bags to them," a spokesperson for Qantas said.

"We are in contact with the family and are providing updates on the bag's location.

“Heathrow Airport has had widely publicised baggage issues over recent days which led to tens of thousands of misplaced bags."

Over the weekend, a technical error at Heathrow Airport resulted in huge mounds of bags being left at the airport, with many passengers being forced to wait hours for their luggage, or carry on their journey without it.

Sadly Ms Daniel's missing luggage is just one of many cases haunting Qantas passengers lately.

Last month a Queensland family was left without its bags for a week after making the long haul flight to London, while travellers from Darwin to the UK capital were told weight restrictions prevented their luggage from even getting on the flight.

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