Qantas passengers fuming after being stranded in London without luggage for DAYS

Travellers on board Qantas flights from Darwin to London were shocked to find their checked luggage never made it onto the flight due to weight restrictions and a "crumbling" runway.

Fuming customers in economy seating on flight QF9 – one of the world's longest flights – weren't told their bags hadn't accompanied them to London until 20 minutes before landing, infuriated passengers revealed on social media.

Some are still without luggage despite landing in London five days ago.

Passengers arrived in London only to be told their luggage hadn't arrived with them. Source: Facebook
Passengers arrived in London only to be told their luggage hadn't arrived with them. Source: Facebook

"Qantas are intentionally not loading all bags in Darwin and rerouting them due to 'fuel issues with the flight operating at extent of capability'," a Facebook post from a passenger who was on one of the flights read.

"Heathrow staff say this is occurring every day. They have left all passengers with no baggage, telling us on arrival at Heathrow."

The woman, who has a baby, continued saying she was left without her baby's car seat and most people were not offered a hotel room despite a delay in the flight, meaning there were huge wait times for connecting flights.

"Also, numerous disabled athletes with no mobility aids," she said. "All stranded."

Passengers not told when bags will be delivered

Other passengers reported they were handed claim forms when they landed and told to "move on".

"72hrs and no update on my lost bags after your staff specifically assured us they would be with us within 24hrs," a passenger tweeted.

"No email communication [and] waited hours on your helpline. Should I fly back to Darwin and collect them myself?"

"Day 5 in London without my luggage and absolutely no word from Qantas," another commented.

A Qantas passenger plane takes off
Some passengers have been waiting as long as five days for their luggage to arrive from Darwin. Source: Getty/File

Bags left behind due to runway issue at Darwin Airport

A Qantas spokesperson told The Guardian “an issue with the runway pavement at Darwin Airport resulted in temporary additional weight restrictions on our flights to London last week and unfortunately that meant we weren’t able to carry some passengers’ bags on their flight”.

“Bags were reaccommodated on later flights and are couriered directly to customers as soon as we’re able to confirm the correct address. We apologise for the inconvenience this has caused our passengers and thank them for their understanding,” the spokesperson said.

Yahoo News Australia has reached out to Qantas for comment.

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