Protester locks herself underneath Roe 8 machinery

A protester has locked herself to drilling equipment in a bid to stop construction of WA’s controversial Roe 8 road link.

In a video posted on social media, Elizabeth Burrow can be seen wedged underneath the demolition equipment on Monday.

“Sorry to muck up your day guys… we just feel pretty passionate about the environment and the destruction and this is all we can do,” Ms Burrow can be heard saying.

Protester Elizabeth Burrow. Source: Wetland Defenders.

The video comes on the same day a Perth court dismissed an application by the Save Beeliar Wetlands group for an injunction to stop work clearing the bushland for the $450million road project.

The Save Beeliar Wetlands group had argued that work should be stopped during its ongoing legal battle about whether a suitable alternative habitat had been provided for the endangered black cockatoo.

Federal Court Justice Antony Siopis said that was not a good enough reason to grant an interlocutory injunction, but opponents have promised to continue their legal battle in the courts.

Speaking before locking herself to the drilling equipment, Ms Burrow said the project was a waste of taxpayer money.

“I am opposed to the government wasting nearly two billion dollars of tax payer money on a toll road, in the process destroying our remnant wetlands and negatively impacting on the community,” the 58-year-old said.

“The government need to listen to the people and stop this project immediately. We do not want toll roads in WA.”

Ms Burrow is underneath the machine in the background. Source: Wetland Defenders

The machinery Ms Burrow is locked under is being used to take samples of soil in preparation for the construction.

It's been at the wetlands site since early December, with protesters at the scene for the duration.

“It is the brave actions of community members, like Elizabeth, that will help protect this area,” Save Beeliar Wetlands spokesperson Shona Hunter said, adding that Ms Burrow has a mattress and plenty of water.

Ms Burrow's arm can be seen coming out of the machine. Source: Wetland Defenders

“The government have shown complete disregard for process and have no adequately consulted the community.

“We all know that there is a better freight solution. A sensible plan would include rail to the inner harbor at Fremantle."

So far, more than 25 protesters have been arrested since the machinery work began.