‘Professionally negligent’: Former model lodges formal complaint against cops

Caity Stone

Former bikini model Renee Eaves was left outraged when she discovered police officers had accessed her personal file more than 1400 times after was found guilty of ‘a few traffic offences’.

Evans, now a social justice advocate, was stunned when she found out that Queensland Police officers had viewed her file 1475 times, an ‘abnormal number’, she wrote as part of a passionate statement on her website.

“Experienced officers will tell you this number is extraordinary. It is not normal, it’s certainly not ok,” the advocate wrote as part of her post.

Officers accessed her information a staggering 1435 times from 2006 until as recently as last month. Source: Facebook/Renee Eaves - Social Justice Advocate.

In May Evans lodged a request as part of a Right to Information request in a bid to discover how many times her personal Q PRIME file has been accessed by police.

“So put simply, I wanted make sure that just because I have been supporting people that had been victims of police brutality, or supporting Police officers that are alleging Corruption, that it didn't mean that I personally was ‘open game’ to have a shot at too.

“Just because I might have popped up on the news, does not give police a front row seat to my private and personal details.

“I will allege my privacy has been breached, I will name the persons and departments I went to with my concerns about my concern of this happening, that did nothing leading up to this detailed document being provided to myself,” she continued to write in the extraordinary statement.

In an impact statement she says that she will now lodge a formal complaint. Source: Facebook/Renee Eaves - Social Justice Advocate.

QPRIME files, are essentially online folders containing personal information and are typically strictly confined to officers who need access information to perform the duty of their job.

Potentially officers can access information after they pull over motorists for traffic offences.

They also can access the online files when they attend private residences for matters such as domestic violence.

A majority of the public will not ever have their files accessed and most people will only ever have the file accessed a handful of times.

Ms Eaves wanted to access her file to help her efforts supporting victims of police brutality. Source: Facebook/Renee Eaves - Social Justice Advocate.

“I say they have been professionally negligent, failed their duty of care, they have not been impartial, I will say there has been a conflict of interest that exists due to these members private interests. They are liable as a result. I will personally take action against each and every one. One by one if need be,” she continued in her passionate post.

Evans has been a vocal critic of the QPS since she was dragged from her home and arrested for an alleged traffic offence according to News Corp.

Following the incident she took QPS to court for unlawful arrest and successfully won a substantial pay-out.

Yahoo7 reached out to QPS Media for comment however they declined.

News break – June 21