Prisoner cops extra 25 years for murder of cellmate who raped his sister

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A man has been sentenced to an extra 25 years in prison, after he killed his prison cellmate who was convicted of raping his younger sister.

Last year, Shane Goldsby, 26, fatally beat his cellmate, Robert Munger, 70, at Airway Heights Corrections Center in Washington state.

Munger was a convicted child rapist, among his victims was Goldsby's sister, and was sentenced to 43 years in prison and also convicted of child molestation and possession of child pornography.

In 2020, Goldsby hit Munger in the face 14 times and stomped on his face, then kicked him in a communal area of the prison, KHQ-TV reported.

Munger died three days after the attack.

Pictured in court is convicted child rapist Robert Munger who was killed by his cellmate in 2020.
Convicted child rapist Robert Munger was killed by his cellmate, whose sister was one of his rape victims. Source: The Daily News via KHQ News

Goldsby was in prison after being convicted of stabbing someone, stealing a police car and injuring a state trooper. He was given just under 25 extra years for Munger's death.

Before being handed his sentence, Goldsby read a statement in court, though he became so overwhelmed his attorney had to finish it.

“I cannot imagine what it would be like to lose a loved one in this kind of way,” the statement said. 

“To his wife and his whole family I apologise. I am so sorry and I hope you are able to heal from what I caused.”

According to a 2020 article by the Associated Press, once Goldsby learned who Munger was, he requested a different cellmate, which was ignored.

Pictured is Shane Goldsby (right) who killed his cellmate.
Shane Goldsby (right) has been sentenced to nearly 25 years for Robert Munger's death. Source: KHQ-TV

“I had so much stuff going on in my head,” he told KHQ-TV in an interview last year. 

“I wasn’t stable at that point. I wasn’t. I was getting to that point, because (Munger) kept wanting to give me details about what happened, what he did — about the photos and the videos of him doing this stuff. It was building up.”

He claims he never intended on killing Munger, saying he would have rather seen his sister's rapist in jail for the rest of his life.

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