Premiers Doug Ford, Francois Legault Declare Easter Bunny And Tooth Fairy ‘Essential Services’

Melanie Woods
A composite image showing Quebec premier Francois Legault, the Easter Bunny and Ontario premier Doug Ford.

Many businesses may be shutting down in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, but kids can rest assured that the Tooth Fairy and Easter Bunny will keep working through the lockdowns — or at least in Ontario and Quebec, that is.

On Tuesday, following urging from Toronto mayor John Tory, Ford cleared up any doubt about everyone’s favourite hopping chocolate vehicle, with a formal declaration of the Easter Bunny’s “essential service” status in the province.

“Kids have simple things that they’re worried about,” Ford told reporters Tuesday. “So kids, the Easter Bunny has become an essential service, they’ll make sure they have the chocolate ready for Easter.”

Ford followed it up with an official, signed declaration of the fact that the big bunny with the basket of eggs can keep doing his thing. 

“I hereby confirm that the Easter Bunny is an essential service provider and authorized to deliver Easter chocolate, candy and related treats to the children of Ontario,” the declaration read. 

Of course, the declaration is quick to note that the Easter Bunny still isn’t allowed to deliver treats in areas closed or restricted due to the pandemic, such as playgrounds and public parks. Because even the Easter Bunny needs to obey social distancing guidelines. 

Quebec premier Francois Legault also made a statement of his own Tuesday, noting that the Tooth Fairy — well-known for exchanging children’s teeth for a shiny loonie or toonie — was also an essential worker, and in fact “immune” to the novel coronavirus.Honestly, it’s an important distinction to make considering we aren’t supposed to be letting anyone from outside into our homes right now, even mythical treat bringers. It’s good to hear that the Tooth Fairy is basically the Matt Damon in “Contagion”of this whole thing. 

The declarations...

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