Premier responds to Bec Judd's claim she is unsafe in her $7.3m mansion

Premier Daniel Andrews has responded to comments made by influencer Rebecca Judd who said she "feels unsafe" in her affluent Melbourne suburb of Brighton.

Ms Judd and her husband AFL star Chris Judd bought their $7.3 million mansion in the bayside suburbs four years ago, but in recent weeks, there's been a wave of crime in the area.

In an Instagram post on Thursday, the mum of four said she is "sick of the rapes, bashings and home invasions at the hands of the gangs in Bayside".

"I personally know two women who have experienced home invasions in Brighton in the last few weeks while they were at home," she wrote in response to a Seven News report.

Melbourne Premier Daniel Andrews and Rebecca Judd
Daniel Andrews hit back at claims Bec Judd feels unsafe in her affluent suburb of Melbourne. Source: Getty

On Sunday, the Melbourne premier shut down her claims saying the "data would tell a different story".

"I’m not interested in having an argument with Ms Judd," Mr Andrews said.

"I’m also obliged to point out though, I think there are more than 70 additional police in the Bayside area, and the most recent crime statistics released by an independent agency would not support those sweeping assessments about patterns of crime."

Mr Andrews pointed out that May's state budget included the deployment of more than 500 additional police officers and 50 protective service officers (PSOs), something Ms Judd, "may have missed," he said.

Instagram shot for Rebecca Judd and Brighton mansion belonging to Bec and Chris Judd
Ms Judd lives in Brighton in the affluent bayside area and called on the government to do something about the increased crime. Source: Instagram/

"I say this respectfully to Bec Judd, or anybody – I don’t want anybody to feel unsafe," he added.

"I’m sorry she feels that way. The data would tell a different story, but it is about personal feelings and your sense of safety.

"I hope that knowing those things, or perhaps learning those things, puts her mind at ease."

Wave of crime in affluent Melbourne suburb

Ms Judd's comments came after reports of multiple home invasions in as many weeks, with residents forced to defend themselves against offenders armed with knives, local Liberal state MP James Newbury confirmed in a statement.

Mr Newbury has been vocal about the increase in crime in the area and is urging state government to do something.

"On behalf of the community, I'm calling on the State Labor Government to open a new Brighton police station," he said in a statement shared on his Instagram.

A police station in the area closed down several years ago, he said, which has since instilled fear into locals.

AFL star Chris Judd and his wife Bec Judd at event
Bec and Chris Judd live together in their $7.3 million home which they bought four years ago. Source: Getty

On Saturday, Mr Newbury highlighted another incident in the Bayside area after Victoria Police allegedly shot at a car following another home invasion.

"This follows similar crimes: in Bay, Chelsea, Downes, Elwood, Kinane, Martin, Sussex, and Yuille Streets," he said.

"Daniel Andrews cannot keep ignoring these crimes in Brighton."

Following the premier's remarks about Ms Judd, Mr Newbury called out Mr Andrews on Twitter.

"How dare Daniel Andrews attack a woman because she feels unsafe - what a creep," he wrote. "His behaviour sounds a lot like victim-blaming."

In an interview with Seven and Nine news, he said he's now aware of many people in the area "who are hiring private security".

"I can tell you absolutely (Judd’s) sentiment is the same sentiment that I am getting from women across the electorate today," he said.

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