Pregnant McDonald's customer receives bizarre note in empty order

The woman ripped into the brown McDonald's bag only to find an empty wrapper inside.

A pregnant McDonald's customer was left with an insatiable appetite on Wednesday after ripping into her breakfast delivery only to discover an empty wrapper and odd note tucked inside.

The woman made the surprising — and disappointing — find after ordering a sausage McMuffin from the fast-food chain’s store in Maylands, Perth, her boyfriend claimed online.

The man said his girlfriend ordered the McMuffin minus the egg, but was instead handed a note stating: “Sausage egg has egg, muffins, sausage and cheese. It’s a no for everything so we have just given the wrapping.”

The McDonald's customer's empty wrapper and note about the sausage McMuffin taped to the brown bag.
A pregnant McDonald's customer was left disappointed after being delivered an empty sausage McMuffin wrapper and note. Source: Reddit

However, he explained she had ordered a “regular sausage McMuffin”, not a sausage and egg McMuffin, “with no additions or removals”.

“Which makes it even worse!” he wrote on Reddit alongside an image of the handwritten letter taped to the brown McDonald's bag and empty wrapper.

“What a world! I got a good chuckle out of it but hell hath no fury like a pregnant woman.”

McDonalds does couple 'dirty'

Confused social media users offered theories on how the “McNothing” mix-up occurred.

“I’m guessing on the system it just listed no next to all ingredients. Either mistakenly did this when ordering or a system issue. Show the receipt,” one person suggested.

“Looks like we have an up and coming comedian working at McDonalds,” another said, while others commented that Maccas did the couple “dirty”.

The McDonald's store in Maylands, Perth.
The woman ordered the meal from the McDonald's store in Maylands, Perth. Source: Google Images

Macca's customer's menu hack

Last month, a McDonald’s customer shared a little-known menu hack that can score customers an upgraded meal for less money.

Confirming the hack can be used in store and at the drive-thru, the woman said all people have to do is change one element in the meal.

“Order a large meal, then when they ask you what drink you want, say you want a medium coke,” she explained to the 340,000 members of the Markdown Addicts Australia Facebook group. “You get a free large fries to upgrade for cheaper than a medium meal.”

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