Pom hails 'nicest' Aussies after Christmas nightmare

While some poms love a good whinge about Aussies, one British woman has hailed those born Down Under as the "nicest" people.

Jordana Grace, who is living in Australia, praised a family for "saving her day" after getting in a bit of a pickle on Christmas Eve.

Jordana, who currently lives in the Sunshine Coast, was travelling on a highway when her car suddenly stopped working.

"So I lose control of my car on the highway doing 100km/hour," she recalls on TikTok. "And it’s a miracle, I just managed to get into a service station and pull over..I take over three car parks because I don’t have any steering.

Two photos of a British woman living in the Sunshine Coast talking about how her car broke down on the highway and how a mechanic family helped her out.
A British woman living in the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, recalled how her car broke down on Christmas Eve and how an Australian family helped her out. Source: TikTok/thejordanagrace

"I'm just crying, I'm on the phone to AAMI roadside assist and they’re like ‘we can help you but it's Christmas and we can only take you to the nearest place' and I'm like oh okay."

While Ms Grace is alone and stressfully figuring out what to do in this situation, a family comes to her aid.

"A mechanic family pull up and they just say ‘love, what do you need?’" she said.

"They just looked at my car — unfortunately I think my car is dead — and they’re like 'it'll probably cost you more (to get it fixed), you probably just need to get a new car'".

While it sounded like a nightmare that she needed to get a new car, especially on Christmas Eve, Ms Grace was thankful to the family for checking if she was okay.

"They were just the kindest people and I couldn’t have gotten through my panic attack without them," she said in her video. "Australians are just the nicest."

Social media users react to kind gesture

The video was viewed almost 127,000 times, with many agreeing there is something special about Aussies.

"'Mateship' never fails us Aussies," one person said.

"Christmas spirit," another said. "Glad you're safe."

Others also recalled the times they or someone they know were helped out by a stranger in Australia.

"I fainted at the train station once and about 15 people missed the train because they were all making sure I was okay," one person said.

"Yeah my grandfather fell over yesterday in the car park and like 10 people came over to help him up," another said.

"It will never amaze me how nice people are. I've only needed to change my tyre twice, but both times I got help before rod side assist turned up," a third person said.

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