Poms bemoan 'irritating' Aussie habit: 'Weird humour'

Aussies often jump at the opportunity for some light-hearted fun when it comes to our Queen-sharing friends from the other side of the world.

But for some Brits, it appears too much to take.

One woman was compelled to publicly express her annoyance this week at the common habit of Australians who mock the UK for their loose definition of a heatwave.

While Aussies might interpret a sustained period in the high 30s as meeting the criteria of a heatwave, British media often uses the term for temperatures far lower.

"Does anyone find it irritating when non-Brits basically mock us poms when there’s a heatwave in the UK?" the woman asked a Facebook group dedicated to British people in Australia.

Brits love heading to the beach at a mere glimpse of sunshine – but should they be mocked for it? Source: Getty, file.
Brits love heading to the beach at a mere glimpse of sunshine – but should they be mocked for it? Source: Getty, file.

Her post was triggered by news the UK could face a 28C heatwave next month and the resulting remarks from Australians.

"Brits set to roast" and "temperatures to soar" featured in headlines in some of the country's leading publications.

The irate Facebook user defended such rhetoric, stressing it feels far hotter than it actually is in the UK.

"When it’s hot [it] can be so uncomfortable because it’s so humid and there’s hardly any aircon [and] houses are built to keep the heat in which can make hot days unbearable," she pointed out, adding she found Australian summers far more tolerable.

Her post garnered scores of responses, with many in agreement.

"S**** me too!" one person replied.

Several agreed heat was far more uncomfortable in the UK, saying the weather can get extremely muggy.

Another person suggested it was "ignorant" of Australians, while one person said any jokes made about Brits in general "pisses me off".

Aussies can't handle the cold, poms argue

Others suggested Australians were hypocritical due to their interpretation of cold weather.

"No different to how Aussies complain how cold it is when it gets down to 18 to 20 degrees," one person said.

"On the flip side though, I mock the Aussies throughout the winter when they try to tell me that 18C is cold and I’m still walking around in shorts," another wrote.

One user defended Aussies, saying it was merely a bit of "humour" to which the original poster responded: "Weird humour."

Others suggested not to take it to heart, while the small minority of Aussies in the group couldn't help but chime in.

"Just be happy you are living in this lucky country," one woman clapped back.

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