'Get a grip': Politician reveals 'embarrassing' swimsuit incident in supermarket

A politician claims she was told to dress differently at a supermarket because of what she was wearing.

Lynn Ruane, an Irish politician, tweeted a Lidl Ireland “discretely” pulled her aside in an aisle and told her to wear a different top when she went shopping for bread on Monday.

“As if me wearing a swimsuit for a top in the summer is any different to any other little tank top I'd wear,” she tweeted.

“Get a grip. Men walking around in vests showing just as much skin.”

Ms Ruane later added she had a sarong around her waist and the incident left her “embarrassed” as she was asked to get changed.

Lynn Ruane said she was told she was dressed inappropriately at a supermarket. Source: Twitter/ Lynn Ruane

People on Twitter called what happened to the senator “ridiculous”.

“Have they nothing better to do? I've seen people shop in much less,” one woman tweeted.

Another woman called it “nuts”.

“How prudish of them, policing women like that. They must be flogging old school nuns' habits in the middle aisle this week,” another woman tweeted.

In a response to Ms Ruane, Lidl Ireland clarified the comments made to the politician were from a security guard offered by a third party provider.

It added the comments made to Ms Ruane are not store policy.

“And although this incident involved a third-party provider and not a Lidl employee we will be issuing a reminder to all employees via our internal communication channels,” it tweeted.

Ireland’s currently experiencing a warm spring.

Met Éireann, the Irish National Meteorological Service, forecast temperatures to hit a top of 27C in some parts of the country on Wednesday.

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