Police concerns prompt cancellation of 'nudie run' in support of cricket streaker

Tom Flanagan

Police have expressed their concern over a proposed "nudie run" in support of the man responsible for the first streak at Perth's newly-opened Optus Stadium.

Since Ben Jenkins ran across the field during Australia's one-day cricket match against England on January 28, he has faced criticism for his actions and could be forced to cough up $12,000 in fines.

On Sunday Jenkins' sister Laura posted to Facebook a picture of a letter slamming his behaviour, claiming to be from "the good and decent citizens of Toodyay".

But in support of Jenkins, a 23-year-old plumber who has since been banned for three years from any Cricket Australia venues, a tongue-in-cheek Facebook event was created as a show of solidarity from his supporters.

The event which has led police to contact the organiser over fears it could become out of hand. Source: Facebook

Over 900 people had said they were attending Toodyay Nude Run before it was pulled offline by the creator of the event, Mat Ker, on Wednesday.

Mr Ker, from York, 60 kilometres from Toodyay, said he had created the event as a joke among friends, but after a conversation with local police he decided to cancel the get-together.

"Toodyay police gave me a call this morning and after a very friendly chat I decided that the joke has ran its course," Mr Ker told Yahoo7 News.

"She didn't tell me to delete it or that the event isn't allowed to go ahead, she was just concerned that many people may take it seriously and that they have a very small police force and won't be able to deal with the possibility of a large number of people flooding into the town. "

The letter sent to streaker Ben Jenkins' father. Source: Facebook/Laura Jenkins

"So out of respect for a small underfunded police station, I decided to pull the pin."

Mr Ker distanced himself from the behaviour of anyone who still planned to turn up to the event, which was set to begin at Jenkins' local oval, Toodyay Showgrounds Oval, where he plays in the Mortlock Football League.

A GoFundMe page set up by Jenkins last month has raised more than $5000 towards paying his streaking fine.

Ben Jenkins streaked across Optus Stadium during a one-day cricket match on January 28. Source: Twitter

A WA Police spokesperson told Yahoo7 News that police had spoken with the event's organiser and advised them on what steps to take.

"Police were made aware of an event posted on Facebook," they said.

"The person who posted the event sought police advice, and upon that advice they have decided to withdraw the post and cancel the event."