Police officer hailed as 'Aussie icon’ for dropping C-bomb at press conference

A former Queensland police officer has caused a stir after footage of him uttering an unexpected word at a press conference surfaced this week.

In the video, then acting superintendent Keith McDonald is seen addressing reporters when a motorist passes by and fills the air with the sound of a car horn.

The officer stops the press conference and sarcastically says "thanks c***". He and his audience are then heard laughing at the gaffe.

Watch the video here:

Viewers praise officer

The video quickly amassed over 450,000 views on TikTok, with hundreds of viewers praising the officer's candour and saying his turn of phrase is a fitting representation of Australia, where the C-word can be frequently heard in conversation.

"Well, at least we know he's Aussie," one person wrote.

"God I love being Australian," commented another.

"I immediately like this guy," wrote a third.

"I personally want to be pulled over by this cop, he seems so fun," added a fourth.

"Possibly the most Australian thing I've ever seen," wrote a viewer on Facebook, where the video has been watched more than 160,000 times.

Some commenters have even called the officer an "Aussie icon" for his casual use of the C-bomb.

Sydney sandwich-board activist Danny Lim famously had an offensive behaviour conviction quashed after one of his signs used the word to describe then prime minister Tony Abbott. The judge deemed the word less offensive in Australia due to its colloquial use.

Not all viewers were impressed with Superintendent McDonald , however, with some commenting that the officer's choice of language was "unprofessional", while others called for an apology.

Police station sign
A spokesperson for the Queensland Police Service (QPS) has told Yahoo News that the footage of the officer's blunder is a number of years old. Source: Getty Images

QPS apologises for coarse language

A spokesperson for the Queensland Police Service (QPS) has told Yahoo News that they are "aware of the footage" and issued an apology.

"While the QPS has been unable to determine the exact date and circumstances, it is believed to be an outtake from either a media conference or interview in Ipswich District from about seven or eight years ago," the spokesperson said.

"The officer was an acting superintendent at the time and has since retired from the QPS.

"The QPS acknowledges the language used was inappropriate and apologises for causing offence."

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