Cricket commentator drops c-bomb in fiery feud with rival

The BBC’s voice of cricket Jonathan Agnew has reportedly been reprimanded after calling another journalist a “c***” on Twitter.

Agnew took exception to one of Independent journalist Jonathan Liew’s pieces on Jofrey Archer raising concerns about some of the language used in the media surrounding his imminent inclusion in the England ODI squad, according to The Guardian.

In the article, according to The Guardian, Liew wrote: “‘A huge call,’ warned Jonathan Agnew. ‘Morale and camaraderie is a big part in team performance.’ Which feels instinctively unarguable – who doesn’t love morale and camaraderie, after all? – until you begin to ask why Archer is deemed such a grave threat to it.”

Commentator Jonathan Agnew (pictured left) speaking to Joe Root (pictured right). (Getty Images)
Commentator Jonathan Agnew (pictured left) speaking to Joe Root (pictured right). (Getty Images)

Further down the article, Liew said: “There’s an incendiary word you could posit to describe all this, but I’m not going to use it.”

Agnew took exception to the piece and direct messaged his fellow journalist on Twitter, labelling him a “c***” multiple times.

“I’m going no further on the advice of people I have heard back from who know you and think you are a c***. I know you are. Think on,” he wrote.


“You’re so strange I don’t know if you’d be upset to know those who think you are a c***. Or not.”

The BBC has reportedly reprimanded Agnew for his expletive-riddled Twitter exchange and reminded him of “clear standards of behaviour” that are expected at the British public broadcaster.