Police horse refuses to get out of bed until he has a cup of tea

A police horse has unwittingly found fame after video emerged of him struggling to wake up on a cold morning.

Merseyside Police’s mounted unit posted a video of Jake the steed to Twitter being given a cup of tea in his stable before he gets ready for work.

“Jake refuses to get out of bed until he is brought a warm cup of Tetley tea,” the mounted unit said.

“Once he has drank this he is ready for the day.”

The video shows the mug being placed on the ground of his stable before he sucks out the contents with his long tongue.

Jake the mounted police horse enjoys a cup of tea before work. Source: Twitter/@MerPolMounted

The heart-warming footage has been retweeted more than 1000 times, with people comparing it to their own Monday mornings.

“We are all Jake,” one commented.

“So funny. Does Jake take his tea black or a spoon of sugar?” another joked.

Others suggested he needed biscuits to go with the beverage.

Police horses still play an integral part in modern-day policing, providing specialised support to frontline police, assisting in crowd control at protests, sporting events and major occasions like New Year’s Eve.

The Mounted Branch has the skills to reach spots that are hard to access, and has assisted police in both urban and rural searches for missing persons and has helped in the past with searches related to evidence gathering.

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