'Please pick': Homeowner's generous gesture to neighbours

A green-fingered resident in Brisbane has been praised for their generosity to their neighbours.

An image of a herb patch outside the front of a Greenslopes home in the city’s south was uploaded to Reddit last week.

Accompanying the selection of fresh herbs was a pair of scissors and a sign telling neighbours to help themselves.

“Please pick some herbs for dinner (or a cup of tea!),” a message read.

The selfless resident listed the herbs which were on offer including basil, rosemary, dill and chives.

The generous offer of free herbs for the neighbourhood has been hailed online. Source: Reddit

They even indicate which herbs were to be planted next.

The online community gushed over the idea and hoped the concept would catch on.

“This is lovely. I wish there were more of this kind of thing,” one Reddit user wrote.

“I love it. I wish I was there,” another said.

The sign gives a list of what is on offer as well as what is to come. Source: Reddit

“I especially adore the thoughtfulness of leaving some scissors out too!” one user said.

A nearby resident even indicated they were en route for some fresh basil.

Others hoped the herbs wouldn’t be jeopardised by urinating pets or unruly youths.

Perfectly fertilized by every dog in the neighbourhood,” one user joked.

The Reddit user who uploaded the image told Yahoo7 News the garden has “blossomed” since its introduction several weeks ago and has been a welcome addition to the community.

As of Tuesday, the post had been upvoted 762 times.