Plane passenger escorted from airport after travel hack backfires

A woman waiting for her own flight captured the tense moment the man was stopped from boarding his plane.

Left, the man being confronted by airline staff and stopped from boarding. Right, the man being spoken to by police.
A plane passenger was reportedly prevented from boarding his plane and escorted out of the airport by police after trying to hide belongings in a pillowcase. Source: TikTok/@natashaorganic

A viral travel “hack” has spectacularly backfired for one plane passenger who was allegedly removed from the airport by police after being caught out. The man was filmed being confronted by airline staff as he tried to board the plane last week.

A woman waiting for her own flight at Orlando Airport in the US captured the incident on camera, claiming the man had attempted to casually pass flight attendants while holding a pillowcase full of clothes and other items — a money-saving move that went viral on social media in late 2022.

What was once deemed the “best travel hack ever,” passengers fill empty pillowcases with clothes and other items and carry them onboard to avoid paying for additional luggage.

However, some people have shared concerns the move is “risky” — with the US passenger reportedly learning that lesson first-hand when he was prevented from boarding his plane.

“Stop letting these sites, social media, give you tips and tricks, because sometimes it’s not gonna work okay,” TikToker @natashaorganic says as video footage shows security confronting the man.

“This dude was trying to take in a pillowcase full of clothing and other items, which he is stating was simply just a pillowcase.”

Natasha said a security guard pointed out that “everybody can see it’s not a freaking pillow”, and airline staff gave him the opportunity to pay for the extra luggage.

“He waited all the way up until they closed the doors to be like, ‘Okay, I’ll pay for it now’,” she continued, claiming the man then tried to force his way onboard.

“[Staff] were like, bro, walk away. We gave you a chance, and you didn’t pay for it. They ended up calling the cops on him, and he ended up getting escorted out. So stop listening to the internet.”

The Aussie tourist (left) who was stuck in her hotel room for three hours. Right, the viral travel lock seen stuck in her door.
In September, an Aussie tourist was stuck in her hotel room for three hours after a viral travel lock hack backfired. Source: Supplied

Thousands of viewers have commented on the footage, with many saying there is no way they would risk being placed on the no fly list “for a bag charge”.

“The airport is the one place I’m making sure I’m a model citizen. Are people not afraid of felonies and the no fly list?” one person wrote.

Others pointed out that airport and airline staff are probably well aware of the “hack” from their own use of social media. A handful more shared their own tips, such as folding this to look “pillow shaped” and double layering the cases.

“Yeah [his] was not pillow shaped AT ALL,” Natasha jokingly responded.

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