Plane passenger divides opinion for letting airline staff spoon-feed 'entitled' son

The family was travelling business class on board a Singapore Airlines flight.

A passenger on board a Singapore Airlines flight has divided the internet after sharing a video showing his young son being spoon-fed by a flight attendant in his seat.

The family was flying business class from Los Angeles to Tokyo recently and later took to social media to praise the airline staff for their "incredible" service and "attention" to passengers.

"Omg I look behind me and my 5-year-old son is being spoon-fed his chicken by the flight attendant. The entire crew has been incredible and the attention to each passenger is hard to imagine possible," the man posted in a flight-related Facebook group. "Anyone ever experienced this?" he asked.

In a second post, the chuffed dad said, "the service and food are outstanding" and added, "they’re taking such good care of my son it’s quite amazing".

Young boy in business class being fed by Singapore Airlines flight attendant.
The family was flying business class on board the Singapore Airlines flight when the attendant was filmed feeding the five-year-old. Source: Facebook

Child in business class being spoon-fed by flight attendant

The video shows the young boy propped up in his business class seat with his headphones on and face down looking at his iPad. Draped over the tray table in front of him is a white tablecloth, comparable to what you'd see at a restaurant, with a plate of chicken and vegetables sitting on top of it.

The food is being fed to the five-year-old boy by a flight attendant who is crouched down in the aisle beside him. She can be seen scooping up the food from the young boy's plate before guiding it to his mouth with the boy barely looking up from his iPad.

Debate erupts over 'disgusting and insulting' move

The video received mixed reactions from Facebook users with many praising the airline staff. Some however thought it was inappropriate for the parents of the young boy to allow it to happen in the first place.

"Seriously great service but parents need to parent. I feel sorry for the cabin crew having to feed a kid who can’t survive without a screen," one person commented.

"Superb service from the crew, but also what appears to be supreme entitlement from the kid," another said. Meanwhile, a third said it was "disgusting and insulting to staff".

Young boy and dad in business class on Singapore Airlines flight.
The family flew business class from. Los Angeles to Tokyo. Source: Facebook

Resharing the video in another Facebook group, a frequent traveller said, it's a "hard pass if it was my children". "Eat this on your own or you go to economy," they said, although agreed "the service is incredible".

Some didn't see an issue and said there might be more to it than the video shows. "Maybe she did volunteer and maybe the child was super cute? That doesn't mean she fed the whole plate," one said.

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