Piece of plane falls from the sky, narrowly missing man

A man has managed to narrowly avoid being hit by a metal piece of a jet hurtling towards the ground at high speed.

Craig Donahue, a Maine Capitol Police screener in the US, was just returning from his lunch break on a Friday afternoon when he "heard a loud thud" next to him, according to CNN.

He said in the interview that the "7/8 pounds (3.5kg) falling from the sky unannounced probably would’ve left a pretty good mark".

"If it were ten seconds later, I may have been hit in the head with that thing."

Mr Donahue said he and two bystanders looked up to the sky in disbelief, thinking it was "space station stuff".

An image of a US Maine Capitol Police screener next to an image of a metal piece of a plane that almost hit him when falling from the sky.
US Maine Capitol Police screener was almost hit by a piece of a plane falling from the sky last Friday. Source: Facebook

He then picked the object up, which was described as "heavy" and "covered in grease", and handed it in to the officer working at the Maine State House kiosk.

"I picked it up because I though no one would believe me," Mr Donahue said.

According to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), officials went to the State House to recover and examine the object on Monday.

Their investigations revealed it could have been broken off a wing flap of a large trans-Atlantic jet carrying passengers.

Airlines were also notified of the object, with all planes landed safely on the day of the incident, according to the FAA.

According to NBC, Capitol Police Chief Matthew Clancy said the area where the object crashed is usually heavily trafficked, with protests and press conferences often being held there.

Though in this lucky instance, not many people were around.

After the incident, Mr Donahue said his work handed him a "nice hard hat to wear outside".

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