Jet Lands Dangerously Close to 'Planespotters' at Greek Airport

A Wizz Air plane was captured landing eye-poppingly close to a crowd of spectators standing along a beach near Greece’s quirky Skiathos Airport on August 5, viral video shows.

Footage filmed by pilot Demetrios Gregoriou shows the spectacular moment when the large aircraft, flying in from Naples, spooked tourists watching the low landing steps from the runway.

In one moment, the aircraft is seen flying a few feet from a photographer’s head seconds before it lands.

According to reports, the runway at Skiathos Airport is just 1,628 meters long, meaning pilots need to approach the landing much lower than at other airports. According to Euronews, the airport attracts planespotters “hoping to get closeup pictures of aircraft as they approach over the beach. It has become a go-to destination for those looking to get as close as possible to these jets as they land.” Credit: Demetrios Gregoriou via Storyful

Video transcript

- Yes sir.

- Yes, commander. I'm at 018070.

- I'm about to send it to recovery.

- Thanks for everything.