Pictured: The four police cars damaged by out-of-control partygoers


Four police cars were significantly damaged as officers attended an out of control party of up to 50 youths in North Melbourne.

Police were called to a rental property on Shands Lane about 2am on Sunday, but objects were thrown at police and four vehicles were damaged, with windscreens smashed, side mirrors kicked off and panels dented. 


Four police vehicles were significantly damaged in the early hours of Sunday morning. Source:@pauldowsley7/ Twitter

Senior Sergeant Adam Tanner said on Sunday, “Look let’s be honest, it’s outrageous, it’s criminal behaviour. And it’s not something that we tolerate.”

Investigations are underway after four police cars were damaged in North Melbourne. Source: @pauldowsley7/ Twitter

“As soon as we became aware of that damage, it was about identifying who may have committed that damage.”

No officers were injured during the incident.

The cars were damaged when police responded to a party in North Melbourne. Source: @pauldowsley7/ Twitter

Investigations are ongoing and no arrests have been made at this point.

“There was certainly a large number of people around there, so whether those people were connected to the address, connected to any party that may be occurring at that address or also for instance whether there were any gatecrashers or things like that at that party,” Senior Sergeant Tanner said.

Police said a number of youths had been spoken to before the group dispersed.

Authorities are appealing for help from the public, and investigators are particularly interested to obtain any CCTV in the area.

Anyone with information is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or submit a report anonymously at www.crimestoppersvic.com.au