'You could afford an entire house': Photo of oddly shaped avocado stuns the internet

A photograph of an enormous avocado has gone viral with Facebook users shocked by its odd shape and sheer size.

Miami Fruit wrote on Facebook “the avocados are popping off right now” on Tuesday.

“South Florida farmers grow dozens of unique varieties not common in any other part of the mainland USA,” the fruit store wrote.

The photo of the huge avocado has been shared more than 2,100 times including by Australian Organic.

An enormous long neck avocado sliced in half. It's three times the length of the hand of the person holding it. The species are found in Florida.
A long neck avocado has gone viral for good reason - it's an absolute behemoth. Source: Facebook/ MiamiFruit

Australian Organic wrote the fruit pictured is a “long neck avocado” and is 100 per cent organic and GMO free.

“It’s not commonly found in grocery stores because this variety isn’t grown commercially,” Australian Organic wrote.

“But imagine the avo on toast from this bad boy. You could afford an entire house.”

People were shocked by the large fruit with some asking how to get their hands on one.

“How do we get a seed and plant to Australia?” one woman wrote.

Another woman jokingly suggested just one of them would cost $100 in Melbourne.

Others were simply salivating at the idea of getting their hands on one.

“What dreams are made of,” one woman joked.

Another added it would be “enough for avo on toast for a week”.

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