Peter Andre details strict bedroom rules for Junior and Princess as they start dating

Peter Andre pictured above (ITV)
Peter Andre pictured above (ITV)

Peter Andre has revealed he is enforcing a strict set of house rules for his children, Junior, 19, and Princess, 16, with ex Katie Price.

With both teens now in their first relationships, the 51-year-old has implemented new rules stating their other halves are “not allowed to stay over” unless they’re in separate rooms on different floors.

The father-of-five told OK! Magazine: “My mum and dad were very strict. We grew up very religious. I remember I had a girlfriend at 19 and I wasn’t allowed to bring her home, not even for dinner.

“But then, I’ve got rules in my house now. The kids are allowed to have boyfriends and girlfriends over, but they’ve got to be 16 and they’re not allowed to stay over.

“And if they do stay over, one is upstairs and one’s downstairs.”

Andre pictured with his children, Junior and Princess, with ex wife Katie Price (Getty Images)
Andre pictured with his children, Junior and Princess, with ex wife Katie Price (Getty Images)

Junior and Princess have shared a bit about their respective relationships, both expressing they are “very happy”.

In a previous interview, Junior mentioned that “life was great” with his girlfriend Jasmine Orr and that “things were going well”.

Last week, the couple went public on Instagram with a sweet photo of him cuddling the 23-year-old.

Meanwhile, Princess has posted pictures hinting at her boyfriend but has blurred his face to keep his identity private.

The teenager previously said of her romance: “I’m very happy thank you, it’s going really well. My parents like him which makes me happy so all is good.

“I don’t want to say too much about him, but they like him.”

As well as Junior and Princess, Andre is dad to nine-year-old Amelia, seven-year-old Theo, and 11-week-old Arabella with his wife Emily MacDonagh.