Pet pugs become fierce guard dogs during Sydney break-in

Natasha Squarey

Two pet pugs have turned into fierce guard-dogs, chasing off an alleged would-be thief as he tried to break into their owner's house in Sydney's northwest.

The man scaled fences to escape them, but found himself face-to-face with an even scarier predator - a police K9.

Sneaking in while a family slept, the alleged intruder tried to force his way into the Kings Langley home when he was suddenly spooked.

Security vision shows the man trying to break in. Source: 7 News
Charlie and Archie turned into fierce guard dogs. Source: 7 News

Then, 20 seconds later he was back at it, but not for long, because pet pugs Charlie and Archie raised the alarm.

"It's a bit scary really and I'm really lucky that we've got the dogs, I won't ever tell the dogs to stop barking again," neighbour Keryn Speck said.

Minutes later the two pugs, seen bottom left, raise the alarm. Source: 7 News

Chris and Keryn Speck spotted a stranger in their security vision just after 5am and called police.

A few minutes later, the couple heard screams from next door.

Chris and Keryn Speck said they would never tell their dogs off for barking again. Source: 7 News

They jumped the fence, fearing their neighbour was under attack.

"We were just fight or flight really, we just thought our friend was getting in trouble," Keryn said.

"We bolted downstairs and then straight over the fence to find the police dog and the police tackling the guy," Chris said.

Police quickly attended the scene. Source: 7 News

The only thing this suspected robber got away with was a dog bite.

"The alleged suspect tried to escape, the dog was deployed and the dog took hold of the suspect's hand," Quakers Hill Police Det Insp Gavin Rattenbury said.

Investigators say the accused was heavily drug-affected. Source: 7 News

Investigators say the accused was heavily affected by drugs.

The 21-year-old spent most of Friday at Riverstone Police Station sobering up.

Police say he's responsible for four break and enters in the area.

The man is allegedly responsible for four break-ins in the area. Source: 7 News

He is now facing multiple charges.