Mum who thought she had won melanoma battle dies after discovering cancer has spread

New mum Liz McLaughlin thought she had already won her battle with melanoma, but four months after finding it had returned and spread her life was cut short.

The Perth woman died last month just short of her 30th birthday, leaving behind her 10-month-old baby Ivy and her partner Tommy Corrigan.

Liz was first diagnosed when she was just 23 years old but was able to beat the deadly disease.

Months after giving birth to her first child in January, she began experiencing small abdominal pains but initially put them down to being a new mum.

Liz McLaughlin gave birth to little Ivy in January. Source: 7 News
She thought she had beaten her melanoma after first being diagnosed when she was 23-years-old. Source: 7 News

It was then that doctors diagnosed stage-four metastatic melanoma.

The cancer had taken hold in her brain and just one day after speaking to 7 News about her incredible battle back in August, Liz was rushed to hospital, paralysed down one side of her body and unable to talk.

A few weeks before her death, doctors deemed any treatment was futile.

The 29-year-old had been very vocal about her battle over the years, raising awareness about the importance of early detection.

Liz McLaughlin and her partner Tommy Corrigan with baby Ivy. Source: 7 News

Lisa McLaughlin said her daughter was initially given just weeks to live when first diagnosed in July.

“They have not known a patient with a cancer this aggressive fight it with as much resilience,” she wrote.

“My darling baby girl, our beautiful Lizzee, passed away this majestic spring morning, at the height of the jaca-randa.”