Aussie daredevils locked up after sky high base-jump in Hong Kong

If you plan on base-jumping from a skyscraper any time soon, try and make sure there’s not a police station at the bottom.

Three Perth daredevils have been brought back down to earth after they launched from a 70-storey Hong Kong building on Friday afternoon.

BJ Johnson, Wes Burrows, and Locklan Gilbert had been travelling for months - and completed 1000 jumps but they chose the wrong building for their latest stunt.

"One, two, three, see-ya," one of them yells as they spring off the skyscraper ledge.

Cheering each other on, the trio landed safely but were quickly taken into police custody once they were on the ground.

BJ Johnson, Wes Burrows, and Locklan Gilbert were all arrested for their latest stunt. Source: 7 News
The trio were released without charge. Source: 7 News

They were released without charge a few hours later.

It's not the first time the trio have landed in hot water, they were forced to face the wrath of authorities following another brazen jump off a Ritz-Carlton hotel in March.