Passenger stunned by Jetstar flight attendant's response to pen request

The Aussie traveller says this has never happened to him before.

A Jetstar passenger hoping to borrow a pen to fill out his incoming passenger card said he was left speechless after a flight attendant told him he would have to buy one for $5.

Douglas Lazickirk spends his life travelling the world, intending to explore every country at least once, so it is not easy to surprise him on flights — but one attendant did just that on February 25 when he was flying with Jetstar from Sydney to Seoul, South Korea.

While in the air, Lazickirk says he asked a female attendant if he could quickly borrow a pen, to which she responded "no". "I said, 'Are you serious?' And she goes, 'No, you can buy one for $5'," Lazickirk told Yahoo News Australia.

Left image of Douglas Lazickirk talking to camera in his TikTok video. He has short, brown hair and brown eyes. Right image is of the front half of a Jetstar plane on a tarmac.
A Jetstar flight attendant allegedly would not allow passenger Douglas Lazickirk (pictured) to borrow a pen. Instead he was told to buy one for $5. Source: TikTok/Getty

Flight attendant allegedly says it's her 'right' to refuse pen use

Douglas says the flight attendant then admitted she had a pen on her but it was her "right" to deny him the use of it, before letting him know there were also pens on arrival in South Korea that he could use if he did not wish to buy one.

He explained he then went to the other end of the plane to ask another flight attendant to borrow a pen, who said yes immediately. "I told him the lady at the back [of the plane] refused to give me the pen and he was shocked," Lazickirk said. "I've caught more than 1000 flights in my life I've never been denied a pen."

While sharing his feedback with the male flight attendant, a third Jetstar employee came over and, according to Lazickirk, said as part of their "legal responsibility at Jetstar" they "don't have to supply a pen". "She said [to me], 'It's up to her discretion, so if she didn't want to give you a pen, she didn't have to'," Lazickirk recounted.

Jetstar declined to comment on the man's experience but the company confirmed it does not give out complimentary pens, but does allow passengers to purchase them. Jetstar sells "3 in 1 pens" on board for $5. It is understood pens used by staff may not be available for passengers as they are needed for their work.

Jetstar low-fare airline with limited add-ons

Jetstar is a "low-fare" airline, generally giving customers the option to purchase cheaper flights — without the extras. This means baggage, food, beverages, and seemingly even pens will be added on as an extra cost if it is required.

Despite knowing this, some Aussies are pretty fed up with the airline's additional costs, responding to the video Lazickirk posted explaining his experience with the airline — which he says also included Jetstar "double charging" him for a meal on the flight.

"Jetstar charged me full price for an in-flight meal even though I had a $15 voucher and there was $2 extra to pay. The process to get a refund is equally as painful," one person shared. "Rubbish airline!! I’d rather walk or swim to get to my destination," another replied.

Some of the extra costs, not generally included in Jetstar ticket prices:

  • Baggage: Jetstar starter fares include 7kg of carry-on and checked luggage is available for extra cost.

  • Seat selection: It costs extra to choose a seat on a Jetstar flight.

  • In-flight inclusions: Jetstar meals and refreshments cost extra, and need to be purchased before or during a flight

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