Paris attacks: Defiant football fans sing national anthem at stadium

Caity Stone

Footage has emerged of football fans defiantly and proudly singing the French national anthem as they left the Stade de France following the horrific terrorist attacks that have rocked the capital city.

Following the conclusion of the game, fans were told to remain in the stadium and hundreds then flooded onto the pitch.

The stadium where the attack occured. Source: Supplied.

But when the fans eventually left the stadium they showed their unity to their fellow Parisians and defiance at the attackers, as hundreds of fans sang the French national anthem "La Marseillaise".

According to The French Football Federation, three people have been killed by the explosion that occurred outside the stadium.

An Associated Press reporter in the stadium heard two explosions loud enough to penetrate the sounds of cheering fans.

Sirens were immediately heard, and a helicopter was circling overhead.

PARIS ATTACKS: At least 160 killed in series of attacks on Paris

Two explosions were heard outside the Stade de France stadium north of Paris during a France-Germany friendly football match.

A police union official said there were two suicide attacks and a bombing that killed at least three people.

The official, Gregory Goupil of the Alliance Police Nationale, whose region includes the area of the stadium, said explosions went off simultaneously near two entrances and a McDonalds.