Can you spot the dangerous snake in the baby's bedroom?

Social media users have been struggling to find where the venomous snake is hidden in the baby's bedroom in this photo.

Posted to Facebook by the Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers, the photo was taken at a house in Little Mountain on the Sunshine Coast by a pair of horrified parents.

The photo has left many perplexed as they search for the serpent.

Facebook users have battled to find the slippery intruder. Source: Facebook
The snake was identified as a yellow-faced whip snake. Source: 7 News

The yellow-faced whip snake, while only mildly dangerous, can harm a person with its venom causing swelling and pain to humans.

"A local was vacuuming his house today when he saw what he thought to be a young Brown Snake in the babies room," Max, a snake catcher, wrote in the post.

The snake was found next to a box of nappies by a parent while vacuuming. Source: Facebook

The couple thought the snake was a young brown snake.

They called the snake catchers who raced out to take it away.

The serpent can be seen lying next to a box of nappies in the baby's bedroom.