Panic erupts as car passengers discover terrifying stowaway

A TikTok user has shared video of every Australian driver’s worst nightmare.

The two-part video shared on social media shows a huge huntsman casually crawling up the inside of a car door and onto the ceiling of the moving vehicle.

The car is full of four woman who are absolutely, and some would say rightfully hysterical, as the unwanted hitchhiker moves around the car while they are stuck in busy traffic on a NSW road.

Charlotte Rodrigues shared the video full of high pitched screaming and swearing that has since been viewed on her TikTok account more than 67,000 times.

A woman screaming and holding her eyes as a huntsman crawls around inside a moving car.
'Come visit Australia!': A car full of terrified women have survived the ultimate Australian experience – a huntsman in the car. Source: TikTok @charlotte_rodriguess03

“Hit it out!” one of the women screams.

“Stop screaming!” another woman can be heard saying as the the group continues to shriek.

“Come visit Australia, it’s the best” Ms Rodrigues sarcastically captioned the video.

In part two, the car has come to a stop and the women have emptied out as they try to get rid of the unwanted passenger.

One of the woman manages to flick the spider out of the car and onto the ground where the women marvel at the size of the spider.

TikTok users reacted to the videos praising the driver for keeping her cool while on the road.

“I would have literally just stopped in the middle of the road,” one user wrote.

Others suspect the spider may have been looking for somewhere to make a nest.

“You are going to find about 5,000 baby spiders in your car in about a week!” a person warned.

And for one individual, the video was enough to make them rethink their citizenship.

“My Australian citizenship was just approved last week… just decided I’m not going anymore,” one woman said.

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