Terrifying surprise as woman drives down busy Gold Coast road

A woman driving along a Gold Coast road has experienced every Australian motorist’s worst nightmare.

Liang-zi Carr’s horrific ordeal as a huntsman crawled along her car’s dashboard and headed straight toward her as she drove down Ashmore Road, in Bundall has been captured in a dramatic video.

“There has been a situation....Oh God, it’s coming towards me!” Ms Carr says in the footage.

“Don’t worry it’s all good.....it’s all good,” passenger Aaron Butler can heard saying as he tries to calm down his friend while he films the incident.

‘He’s just chilling’

“He’s just chilling,” Mr Butler says before suddenly the eight legged hitchhiker jumps from the dash to the wheel.

The pair scream as the spider starts to crawl its way around the wheel.

A Gold Coast woman driving when a huntsman appeared on the dash and jumped on the steering wheel.
The unwanted passenger (Left) had Liang-zi Carr (Right) in fits of hysteria as she tried to remain calm and keep driving. Source: Aaron Butler via Storyful

“Ok just pull over, just pull over!” Mr Butler says.

Ms Carr was driving in the far right lane making it difficult to pull over but as she attempts to turn her indicator on, the spider has now disappeared.

“Where is it! Where did it go?” she asks franticly.

The pair burst into nervous laughter as they realise the huntsman is now on the drivers side door.

“It’s over there, it’s just there,” Mr Butler says.

Ms Carr attempts to keep driving but nervously keeps an eye on the creepy crawly.

Eventually the duo were able to open the car door and get the unwanted passenger to leave.

Mr Butler told Yahoo News Australia that since the event, both he and Ms Carr are a little “more cautious when we see shadows in the car now.”

Mr Butler shared the video on social media last week, cheekily captioning it: “Cool, calm and collected”.

The huntsman that started crawling around a car on the gold coast
'He's chilling, it's all good...': The driver of the car was not 'all good' when she spotted this huntsman. Source: Aaron Butler via Storyful

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