Panda trapped on dam wall rescued in three-hour operation

A panda was saved from drowning after it fell into a river on Tuesday in China's Sichuan province in a three-hour rescue operation caught on tape.

The four-year-old female was trapped on a dam wall after it became lost and fell into the river at the Wolong National Nature Reserve, China Daily News reports.

Rescuers used tranquilizer darts to subdue the animal after it climbed onto the wall where it moved about for several hours.

The panda fell into a river in China's Sichuan province. Source: CCTV

After it was hoisted off the wall, the panda was returned to the wild unharmed after it regained consciousness.

Although pandas can swim, they are generally solitary animals that spend most of their days eating bamboo shoots.

The panda was trapped for several hours. Source: CCTV
It was safely released into the wild following its rescue and recovery. Source: CCTV