'I was painting Jesus': Triple murder accused faces court

The Perth teenager accused of killing his mother and two siblings is in a psychiatric facility on Monday night after a bizarre and rambling court appearance.

Police say the accused killed his mother Michelle and two siblings, 15-year-old Bella and eight-year-old Rua, in their Ellenbrook home.

The accused told a magistrate that he was painting when the sickening crime happened and that someone else was to blame.

The victims have been named as Bella, 15, her mother Michelle, 48, and brother Rua, 8. Source: 7 News
The accused is in a psychiatric facility after a rambling court appearance on Monday. Source: 7 News

Police allege that Michelle’s son, Teancum Vernon Petersen-Crofts killed her and his two siblings.

The crime scene is so complex that it is likely to take forensic teams days to process.

Michelle, 48, and little Rua were found inside the home. Bella was outside, clinging to life, but she died in the ambulance on the way to hospital.

An experienced homicide detective has described the crime scene as the worst he’s ever seen.

Police have described the crime scene as one of the worst they have seen. Source: AAP

The 19-year-old accused faced court on Monday, rambling to the magistrate and security guards.

He didn’t have a lawyer and was sent for a psychiatric assessment.

During the court appearance Peterson-Croft accused someone else of carrying out the attacks and said to the magistrate, “I was painting a picture of Jesus. He punched me so hard, it’s not funny.”

He will remain in a psychiatric facility until his court appearance next Monday.

Forensic teams have wrapped up their analysis inside the home where the horrific murders took place, but the house is still under police guard as the family of the three victims make their way to Perth from overseas and interstate.