Self-proclaimed paedophile hunter remains defiant despite potential charges

A self-proclaimed paedophile hunter remains defiant despite potentially facing more criminal charges over his citizen's arrests.

His lawyer says it's disappointing when someone who thinks they're doing the community a favour ends up in court.

With a distinctive mask and a camera in hand, Richard Warner set out to catch out suspected paedophiles around the Adelaide area.

Richard Warner appeared at Adelaide Magistrates Court on Wednesday. Source: 7News

The 42-year-old posed as a child online, luring men to secret locations and pouncing.

But his crusade spectacularly back-fired and on Wednesday, he faced Adelaide Magistrates Court charged with aggravated assault.

"Well we're here it's disappointing we're here and we've been charged with these offences, but Mr Warner would like to thank the overwhelming community support," Warner's lawyer, Michael Woods, said.

His crusade has targeted paedophiles around the Adelaide area which has led to arrests. Source: 7News

Federal Police have flagged plans to add to the charges, likely relating to the uploading of vigilante videos where the identities of several men were exposed.

But Warner remains unrepentant while his lawyers claim the public is on his side.

"I think the community, right minded community might think so I think it is disappointing when someone thinks they're doing the right thing and doing the community a favour and then face criminal charges and serious criminal charges," Mr Woods added.

Warner's lawyers says he has the support of the community. Source: 7News

Legal experts have told 7 News they believe police are struggling with what charges to lay on Warner.

As it stands, there's no laws specifically banning vigilante behaviour.

One person lured online by Warner has been charged with sex offences.

Warner's case returns to court next month.