Teen shot by police 'lunged at his parents with knife' after mum called triple-0

The mother of a Queensland teenager who was shot by police had called triple-zero after he reportedly began arguing with his father southwest of Brisbane.

The teen was shot in the chest when he allegedly lunged at his parents clutching a knife outside his Springfield home just before 2.30pm on Wednesday.

It was there two police officers fired their weapons, with at least one bullet striking the 16-year-old in his upper chest.

"On arrival police took up with the family members there and on trying to enter the house were confronted by a young person, a 16-year-old male armed with a knife," Detective Superintendent Brian Swan said.

"The police officers drew their firearms and the young person was shot once, we believe."

Queensland Police are now conducting an internal investigation into the shooting. Source: 7 News

Hunt was taken to the Princess Alexandria Hospital in a serious but stable condition with a non-life threatening gunshot wound to his upper body.

Queensland police are investigating themselves, with their body cameras expected to play a pivotal role

Det Supt Swan said both police officers were understood to have fired their weapons.

Queensland police seen inspecting a weapon at the scene. Source: 7 News

It's understood Hunt's mother phoned police after he began arguing with his father. Source: 7 News

An investigation of the incident will be conducted by the Ethical Standards Command.

Police union president Ian Leavers supported the officers involved and said it was a difficult time for them as well as the boy's family, who were being interviewed.

Neighbours said they heard two shots ring out from the house in what is otherwise a quiet suburb.

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