Gridiron player cries during heartfelt post game speech

Krystal Johnson

A 102-kilogram running back trembled and broke down in tears during a post game conference as he paid tribute to his coach and mentor.

Rice University Owls running back Luke Turner showed how powerful the coach-player relationship is when interviewed post-game after beating Charlotte 27-7 on Saturday.

“Everyone sold me off, and that man right there stuck with me,

After breaking his leg in high school, Owls coach David Bailiff found ways to use him in the team and ended up being the only person to make him an offer to play Division I NCAA football, the young player said.

“First off, I just want to say thanks to coach Bailiff because that man right there gave me a chance when no one else wanted to give me a chance,” Turner said as his voice cracked.

Turner's eyes welled with tears as he told the media he is forever grateful to the coach.

The 100-kilogram running back was reduced to tears during an emotional post game interview. Photo: YouTube
Tears stream down Luke's face demonstrating how powerful a coach-player relationship can be. Photo: YouTube

“Everyone sold me off, and that man right there stuck with me," he said.

“I’ll love him forever for it.”

The footballer was visibly affected with emotions as he thanked his mentor for the chance to study at the university and the education he received.

“I love this university and I love that man back there, and I’ll do anything for him and anything for this university,” Turner said as his lip trembled.

“It’s given me an opportunity I’ll never get to compare to anything else.

“The best academics I could ask for and the best people in the world.”

Luke Turner can be seen hugging coach and mentor, David Bailiff. Photo: YouTube

Turner told journalists he will do anything for his coach before finishing his speech and walking over to hug his mentor.

It was announced this weekend that Sydney will host the first round of the NCAA football season in August next year as the University of California take on the University of Hawaii at Olympic Park.

The video was posted to YouTube and has since been viewed over 370,000 times.