Outrage over democracy sausage alternative: 'A crime against bread'

If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

The hugely-popular democracy sausage, the no-nonsense ballot bite synonymous with Election Day, has had a makeover in Tasmania — and it's certainly raised a few eyebrows.

ABC reporter Monte Bovill shared a photo on Twitter of a slice of toast with cheese, ham and parsley being sold at the polls in Elliott in the state's northwest.

"Forget democracy sausage, hello democracy toast!" he wrote, adding the Tassie staple had been "very popular" on Saturday.

The divisive democracy toast. Source: Twitter/ Monte Bovill/ ABC
The divisive democracy toast in Tasmania. Source: Twitter/ Monte Bovill/ ABC

But others, observing from afar, were clearly not impressed with the substitute.

"This is one of the worst things I've ever seen," writer Eleanor Robertson said.

ABC radio host Andy Park said he was "shook" at what appeared to be "cheap pizza, made yesterday".

"It's a crime against bread," another person said, while one went as far as saying it was "un-Australian".

The savoury snack was defended by what appeared to be largely proud Tasmanians, with the Australian Electoral Commission revealing the post had excited their sole Tasmanian in the office.

'That's not a sausage'

When Yahoo shared the toast option with founder Annette Tyler, she asked: "What on earth?"

"No that’s not a sausage. We would firmly categorise that as “other”," she told Yahoo News Australia.

"While we try to be all inclusive here at democracy sausage headquarters we do have our limits... deconstructed democracy sausage with parsley is possibly a step too far."

Bovill later appeared on the ABC news channel with his democracy toast, which set him bag $3 for two slices.

"It's delicious," he boasted amid laughter from host Joe O'Brien.

The traditional democracy sausage is enjoyed by Australians across the nation. Source: AAP
The traditional democracy sausage is enjoyed by Australians across the nation. Source: AAP

Bill Shorten opens up on snag gaffe

It comes hours after former Labor leader Bill Shorten cleared up his democracy sausage fail in 2016 where he chowed down the middle of a democracy sausage.

Labor leader Anthony Albanese shocked the Today show on Saturday morning for revealing he goes for barbecue sauce on his democracy sausage instead of the traditional tomato sauce.

This year there has been a push to increase the number of stalls selling vegan alternatives.

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