Bill Shorten breaks silence on ‘great scandal’ of 2016 election

Six years after he horrified the nation with his odd sausage sizzle eating technique, ex-Labor Leader Bill Shorten has set the record straight for better or wurst.

The former party head went viral during the 2016 Federal election campaign when he very awkwardly bit into the middle of a hot dog.

He’s now 'mustard' up the courage on Election Day to be frank about what was going through his head.

Bill Shorten is handed a hot dog
Bill Shorten caused a 'great scandal' over his sausage sizzle eating habits. Source: AAP

While chatting with the Today Show about what his go-to condiment was for the famous ‘democracy sausage’, he said he’s already stopped by his local sausage sizzle.

“I’ve been at Holy Rosary Primary School in Kensington – white bread, onion and sausage, very good,” he told the hosts from his Melbourne electorate of Maribyrnong.

“I’m eating it in a way which is not setting Twitter alight with accusations.”

When asked if he’d been working on his sausage-eating habits since the banger of an incident, Mr Shorten opened up.

Bill Shorten bites into a hot dog
Mr Shorten said he had no choice but to bite into the middle of the hot dog. Source: AAP

“Listen, I just want to clear up the great scandal of the 2016 election.

“The bread roll which I ate from the middle, you would have needed to have the jaws of, you know, a great white to eat it from the end," he said.

“It would have done my dentures!”

On a roll, Mr Shorten added:

“I don’t want to eat unnecessary carbs.”

When it comes to demolishing a democracy sausage, Annette Tyler, founder of – a real-time crowd-sourced map showing the locations of democracy sausages on election day – says it's not that difficult.

"Here’s the thing about the democracy sausage, it's actually hard to go wrong but the way bill shorten did it  was definitely wrong," she told Yahoo News Australia.

"My point of view is eat it from the end, number two don’t use a knife and fork."

"There’s really not too much more to it than that."

Best democracy sausage revealed

With sausages a hot topic on election day, consumer advocacy group Choice put the snags to the test to find out which supermarket has the best democracy sausage.

Putting Coles, Woolworths and Aldi to the test, there was one very clear winner.

With an impressive 51 per cent of votes, Coles sausages were picked as the favourite with Aldi coming in second, and Woolworths placing third.

In a report of their findings, Choice wrote that “the golden ratio for a perfect sausage is 80 per cent meat to 20 per cent fat”, noting that each contender’s sausages had their own ratio-related characteristics.

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