Outrage over principal's 'revolting' speech about wagging students

A New Zealand high school principal is under fire after telling students they are more likely to become rape victims if they wag school.

A student at Hamilton’s Fraser High School secretly recorded the speech, delivered by Principal Virgina Crawford, where she outlined the bleak futures that laid ahead for those who chose to skip school.

“Every student who walks out of the gate to truant is already a statistic of the worst kind,” Ms Crawford can be heard telling the junior students at an assembly on Thursday.

“[They are] highly likely to go to prison, to commit domestic violence or be a victim of domestic violence, be illiterate, be a rape victim, be a suicide victim, be unemployed for the majority of their lives, have a major health problem or problems, die at an early age, have an addiction – drugs, gambling, alcohol or smoking.

Principal Virginia Crawford delivered the controversial speech to students on Thursday. Image: Facebook/Hamilton’s Fraser High School

“The more you truant the more likely you are to end up as one or most of those statistics.

“I don’t want you to be one of those statistics.”

She said that some of those at the school were giving credibility to those statistics. 

The secret recording was uploaded online, with one mother condemning the “disturbing” speech, saying she would be pulling her daughter from the school until the principal was replaced.

“I’m seriously concerned as my daughter attends this school,” the parent wrote.

One parent has since threatened to pull their child from the Hamilton’s Fraser High School. Image: Google Maps

“When you say such things like this, you have failed my daughter as an educator, you have failed the system, my daughter hasn’t failed as a student and I haven’t failed as a parent.

“This revolting tormenting speech has only proven that you madam principal are the FAILURE in this matter.

“I’m pulling my daughter out until you are replaced.”

Yahoo7 News has contacted Fraser High School for comment.